Ethan Witherington

Cybersecurity. Consulting. Camping.

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Hello! I'm Ethan.

I am a cybersecurity consultant, specializing in hybrid cloud architectures and risk management.

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Who is this guy?

Name: Ethan Witherington
Age: 23
Occupation: Cybersecurity Consultant
University: Rochester Insititute of Technology
Major: Computing Security
Concentration: Security Management and Evaluation
Minor: Public Policy
GPA: 3.50
Graduation: December 2021

Who is he really ?

Hey, I'm Ethan! I enjoy camping (In the woods, with the bears) and working with complex systems. I like to make them run smoothly, and then bolster their defences so they stay that way.

What do I do?


We expect our information systems to behave in certain ways - and yet, unlike physical objects or processes, we have no way of seeing what exactly is going on. Cybersecurity is, first and foremost, a visibility problem - to dig in under the hood; to find problems before attackers do; to continuously monitor systems to provide assurance that they are operating how we would like.


Where cybersecurity is deeply technical, consulting is deeply personal. Where metal and electrons are deterministic (we think), humans are anything but. Consulting is the intersection of two opposing disciplines; to listen to and understand the needs of people and organizations, and to provide technical solutions to often qualitative problems.


The less cell service, the better. I highly recommend NY's Department of Environmental Conservation - they maintain beautiful wilderness all over NY, where primitve camping is frequently allowed.

Let's Talk

Email: etw9578 [at]