Ethan Witherington

Networks, Web, Camping.

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I'm a third-year student at RIT studying Computing Security with a focus in Security Management and Evaluation. I'm looking for an internship or co-op during the summer of 2021.

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Who is this guy?

Name: Ethan Witherington
Age: 21
Occupation: Student
University: Rochester Insititute of Technology
Major: Computing Security
Immersion: Applied Statistics
GPA: 3.50
Graduation: December 2021 (Expected)

Who is he really ?

Hey, I'm Ethan! I enjoy camping (In the woods, with the bears) and working with complex systems. I like to make them run smoothly, and then bolster their defences so they stay that way.

What do I do?


Applying simple rules across many nodes can create fascinating, complex behavior.


I build small websites for fun (Like this one)! My resume is made with HTML.


The less cell service, the better.

Let's Talk

Email: etw9578 [at]